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DHI Hair Transplant is New Normal: Know More

dhi hair transplant turkey

Hair loss is the most common aesthetic issue that men face. When medical therapies fail to restore the hair, hair transplantation becomes the sole choice. Because hair transplantation technologies provide a permanent answer for women as well, their use is increasing by the day. Here is where WaveMedica brings you DHI hair transplant in Turkey. Direct Hair Implantation, which has been in use for over seven years, is one of these procedures. It has gained popularity in recent years because of its quick application time, and the lack of incision or surgery scars is one of the primary solutions picked by patients traveling from overseas for treatment. Let us help you to know about this treatment in detail!

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI): An Overview

This is one of the unique approaches established using the FUE process. Other ways necessitate the specialist subjecting the hair roots to numerous operations before implanting them. However, with WaveMedica DHI hair transplant in Istanbul, there is no waiting period for implantation following root harvest. Implantation is performed simultaneously and one by one. As a result, it provides an option for those who prefer thicker hair or do not want the hair in the implantation region to be totally chopped off.

What is the procedure for direct hair implantation?

DHI is a modified variant of FUE hair implantation that uses the same method. Your surgeon will extract hair follicles from one region of your scalp, often the back of your head, and implant them in balding areas. Hair will ultimately sprout from these follicles.

Here’s what to expect in general throughout the procedure:

  • Your surgeon will shave your head and numb it with a local anesthetic.
  • The surgeon will use a fine-tipped instrument to harvest hair follicles from the back of your head.
  • The hair follicles will be transplanted into the balding area of your scalp using pen-shaped equipment.
  • The surgeon will administer antibiotic cream and bandages to all affected areas.
  • FUE and DHI operations typically take around 8 hours to complete; however, the actual duration depends on the number of hair follicles implanted. The full effects of the procedure may take 12 to 18 months.

Who needs a DHI procedure?

People suffering from androgenic alopecia, the most prevalent kind of hair loss, are ideal candidates for hair implantation. This disorder is also known as male or female pattern hair loss.

You are also an excellent candidate for hair transplantation if you have the following characteristics:

  • Age. Hair implant recipients should be over the age of 25. Hair loss is more variable before this age.
  • Hair thickness People with thicker hair often outperform those with thinner hair. Thicker hair provides additional coverage to each hair follicle.
  • The density of donor hair Patients with less than 40 follicles per square centimeter of hair density at their donor location is considered poor candidates for hair transplants.
  • Color of hair People with light hair or hair that matches their skin tone frequently get the best outcomes.
Advantage of DHI

The most significant advantage is that the treatment may be conducted without cutting the hair, which is especially beneficial for small transplants and female patients. The operation has no influence on daily living in this manner. It is also an excellent choice for implantations that will be performed in numerous sessions. There is no discomfort because both FUE and DHI are performed under local anesthetic.

Ready to opt for a DHI hair Transplant in Istanbul?

DHI is a kind of FUE hair implantation. It has the ability to treat male or female pattern baldness and hair loss. If you are looking for reliable expertise to opt for these treatments, feel free to connect with us. We at WaveMedica are one of the top providers of dhi hair transplant in Turkey, Istanbul, and other worldwide locations. We have years of experience and treated several patients successfully. You can connect us anytime and revamp your look.  

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