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The right treatment plan for you

We offer all-inclusive packages that are designed to provide comprehensive care at the best prices, covering everything from initial consultations to post-operative follow-ups. Our goal is to make the entire experience as seamless and stress-free as possible, allowing our patients to focus on their well-being and the results they desire. 




Standard package designed for patients seeking cost savings solutions. 




The most purchased package which includes all our premium services.

Premium Plus



Top-tier package featuring our highly qualified ISHRS registered doctors, Dr. Mehmet Erdogan and Dr. Gokay Bilgin.

Travel Plan

DAY 1 - Arrival & Rest

For patients traveling to Turkey for hair transplants, we ensure a seamless and luxurious experience from the moment you arrive. Upon landing, you will be warmly greeted at the airport by our professional driver, who will escort you in a luxury vehicle to a five-star hotel. This complimentary service is designed to make your journey as comfortable and stress-free as possible, allowing you to relax and acclimate to your new surroundings.

Once you have settled into your luxurious accommodation, you can unwind and prepare for the following day’s procedure. Enjoy the exceptional amenities and services offered by the hotel, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. The next day, you will be fully prepared and rejuvenated for your hair transplant procedure, confident in the knowledge that every detail has been taken care of by our dedicated team.

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Travel Plan

DAY 2 - Procedure

On the second day, your journey towards a fuller head of hair continues. Around 9 a.m., our professional driver will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to our clinic. The day begins with a blood test for the hair transplantation pre-assessment. pon arrival, you’ll have a thorough physical consultation with the doctor, where you’ll discuss your goals and expectations. Once you’re satisfied with the proposed hairline design, you’ll proceed to the first stage of the hair transplantation process.

The procedure consists of two stages: extraction and implantation. This comprehensive process generally takes approximately 6 to 8 hours to complete. You’ll have a break midway to enjoy a meal and recharge. After the procedure is finished, you’ll be provided with medication and detailed instructions on the optimal sleeping position for the night to ensure the best results. Later that evening, our private driver will transport you back to your hotel, allowing you to rest and recover comfortably in your luxurious accommodations

Travel Plan

Day 3 - Hair wash & Return

On the third day, our professional driver will pick you up from your hotel and take you back to the clinic for a post-transplantation check-up. During this visit, your hair and scalp will be carefully examined to ensure everything is progressing as expected. You will also receive your first post-transplant hair wash at the clinic, along with detailed instructions on how to care for your hair over the next 14 days. Our expert team will explain the necessary steps to promote optimal healing and hair growth during this crucial period.

In addition to the immediate post-procedure care, you will automatically be enrolled in our post-care program. This program provides you with a dedicated consultant who will be available to guide you through each stage of your hair growth journey, offering personalized advice and support whenever needed. After your check-up and hair care session, our driver will transport you back to the airport, marking the completion of your hair transplantation journey with us. Rest assured, you will leave with the confidence and knowledge to maintain your new hair and achieve the best possible results.



Frequently asked questions

Find the answers you are looking for by browsing through a number of questions we get asked a lot.

At Wavemedica, we understand that money may be the only thing standing between you and your desired hair, which is why we have carefully selected packages with options that are tailored to your budget.

We do not offer financing; however, we provide a flexible payment option where you can arrange installment payments before your surgery in Turkey.

Despite the lower costs, Turkey is renowned for its high standards in hair transplantation. Many clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by highly experienced surgeons. The lower cost is primarily due to the lower cost of living and operational expenses in Turkey.

Yes, we offer discounts for your second procedure and a bonus if you refer a friend. Every patient who undergoes a hair transplant with us receives a unique referral code that they can share with others.

We recommend that patients plan their procedure at least a month in advance. However, if you prefer to schedule an earlier procedure, we can arrange that based on our availability. Please contact us, and our consultants will provide you with further details.


Patients Testimonials

It’s always the best source to hear from others who have
already had a hair transplants us.

"The Wavemedica is out of this world!!! Their team of certified professonals guided me throught the entire process with utmost-care. The results have been mind-blowing and thanks to their free aftercare kit and medication, I feel like the whole experience has been faster, smoother and more successful than expected."
Olaf Kania - Poland