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Dr. Vedat Tosun

& Surgeons at Liv Vadistanbul, Turkey


Dr. Mehmet Erdogan

& Doctors at Smile Clinic, Turkey

Our Doctors and Facilities

Dr. Vedat Tosun at Wavemedica

Dr. Vedat Tosun is a renowned hair transplant expert with over 15 years of experience and a Doctor of Medicine degree. Dr. Tosun is dedicated to utilizing the most advanced techniques to provide top-quality treatments. He excels in hair loss prevention and performs thorough examinations to detect abnormalities causing hair loss.

Having conducted over 14,000 hair transplant surgeries, Dr. Tosun is a prominent expert in his field. With extensive experience in hair transplantation, he has been performing complex procedures for over a decade. He serves as the head of the hair transplantation department at Liv Vadistanbul Hospital and Istinye University Liv Hospital in Turkey.

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smile hair clinic

Our Doctors and Facilities

Dr. Erdogan Mehmet and Dr. Gokhan Bilgin at Wavemedica

The journey began with Dr. M. Erdogan (ISHRS Member)  and Dr. G. Bilgin (ISHRS Member) driven by a passion for advancing hair transplantation. After dedicating years to refining FUE hair transplantation techniques, these two perfectionists distinguished themselves by founding Smile Hair Clinic in 2018.

Smile Hair Clinic operates from a seven-floor, elegantly designed, high-tech building, where a team of over 100 well-trained staff members work. The quality and excellence of hair transplantation procedures are ensured through rigorous training. Every team member at Smile Hair Clinic is thoroughly trained and evaluated according to the True™ Philosophy success criteria.


We are on media and magazines

Our hair transplant clinics has garnered widespread recognition and has been prominently featured in numerous press releases. Renowned for our expertise in advanced hair restoration techniques and personalized patient care, we have been acknowledged for our commitment to achieving natural-looking results and enhancing patient satisfaction.

These press releases highlight our dedication to staying at the forefront of hair transplant innovations and our role as a trusted leader in the field of hair restoration. Through these features, we aim to educate the public about the benefits of modern hair transplant procedures and demonstrate our clinic’s reputation for excellence in hair transplantation.

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All Inclusive Packages to All Our Patients

We offer all-inclusive packages that are designed to provide comprehensive care at the best prices, covering everything from initial consultations to post-operative follow-ups.

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Knowledge Center

Join us for an interactive discussion where we address your concerns and provide insights into how we can help you achieve the hair you’ve always desired.


Deep Dive into the Process with Dr. Vedat

Our Head of Consultancy is facilitating an in-depth discussion with  our Dr. Vedat Tosun, focusing on key inquiries in the field of hair transplantation. Together, they will delve into various topics essential for understanding the procedure, including different techniques employed, intricacies of hairline design, addressing challenging areas like the crown, longevity of hair grafts, and the expected recovery period. 


Deep Dive into the Process with Dr. Mehmet

Our Dr. Mehmet Erdogan brings extensive expertise and firsthand knowledge to the table, offering practical advice and clarifying common misconceptions surrounding hair transplantation. By addressing these frequently asked questions, our aim is to empower individuals seeking effective solutions for hair loss, guiding them towards achieving natural-looking results and enhanced self-assurance.

Blog & Articles

Keep up-to-date with various topics on hair loss and hair transplantation techniques through our blog page.

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What Are the Proven Hair Loss Treatments?

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