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A Comprehensive Guide to Female Hair Transplants

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According to some estimates, one in five women will suffer from hair loss due to advancing age, illness, or hormonal shifts after menopause. 

When women lose their hair, it’s more likely to be a gradual process than the blatant bald spots seen in men. 

Some ladies choose to conceal the issue by sporting a wig or hair extensions. Some people have found relief by applying a topical prescription medication directly to the affected area. 

Some people may see no benefit from these medications at all, while in others, they may slow or stop the loss of hair entirely. If you don’t feel confident going either route, female hair transplant turkey may be your best option.

Suitable Female Hair Transplant Candidates:

Experts agree that only a tiny fraction of women would be good candidates for hair transplant surgery. This method will be successful for between 2 and 5 percent of ladies suffering from hair loss. These items are:

  1. Women who have lost their hair because of traction or mechanical alopecia (nonhormonal).
  2. Women who have had cosmetic or plastic surgery before are worried about hair loss around where the surgery was done.
  3. Women lose their hair in a pattern similar to how men lose their hair. This consists of a receding hairline, thinning at the vertex (the crown or top of the scalp), and a portion of the scalp that is resistant to androgenetic alopecia (the donor area).
  4. women who have experienced physical or emotional hardship are now bald (think burn victims, accident scars, or chemical burns).

Alopecia marginalist is a disorder that primarily affects women and appears quite similar to traction alopecia.


Hair transplantation methods for women:


  • FUT Hair Transplant:

When doing FUT hair implants on a woman, a thin strip of scalp is removed from the patient’s scalp. You’ll find the densest concentration of hair there. 

The surgeon will keep an eye on the anesthetic in your scalp as they search for a spot that is both elastic and well-hidden by your hairline. The hair is shaved off above the bald area. 

When it comes time to remove the hair strip, your surgeon will shave a small section of your scalp. He plans to sew up the resulting wound later. 

Incisions will be made in the recipient area, and the surgeon will use a stereo microscope to dissect the hair strip and transplant the follicular unit grafts.

  • FUE Hair Transplant:

During a female FUE Hair Transplant, the surgeon carefully monitors anesthesia while removing hair follicles from the donor and recipient scalps. 

Dissecting and implanting hair follicles under a stereo microscope. 10–12 Months After Female Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant Results.

  • Direct Hair Implant (DHI):

DHI is FUE variation. After applying local anesthetic to your scalp, a specialized device will remove hair follicles while you relax. 

A unique solution keeps their temperature constant. A DHI implanter implants hair in scalp bare areas. It’s effortless. The most effective and painless way for women.

  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP):

PRP is utilized if you are experiencing hair thinning. In PRP, the patient’s blood is drawn and spun in centrifuges to isolate the platelet-rich plasma. 

Local anesthetic numbs the scalp. Afterward, they’ll inject the PRP solution into your scalp’s balding or thinning area. This non-invasive method is often combined with surgical FUE/FUT hair transplant procedures for optimal results.


The process of hair transplantation is not simple. Talk to a trichologist for some pointers. Remember that most surgeons specializing in hair restoration are not licensed trichologists, which means that while they may be skilled in doing transplants, they are not necessarily qualified to diagnose the cause of hair loss. 

Unqualified doctors work at many hair restoration hospitals. They are well-versed in surgical methods but lack expertise in diagnosis and conformity confirmation. 

Always verify the doctor’s credentials before starting treatment. Visit wave medica for the best turkey hair transplant women results if you’re thinking about getting one.


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