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Why Choose Turkey For Hair Transplants

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So, getting a hair transplant is something that people choose to do all the time, and it’s a very easy way to deal with hair loss. However, what most people don’t know is that it’s actually worth flying out to Turkey to get your hair transplant done out there.

This might sound fairly ridiculous, but the truth is that Turkey is one of the leading parts of the world when it comes to hair loss and transplants, so let’s talk about why you should make the trip.

Affordable Hair Loss Treatments


One of the biggest agonies that people have to deal with when it comes to trying to get hair loss treatments is working out how much they’re prepared to spend for the privilege. In a lot of parts of Europe, and in the UK, hair loss transplant can be quite expensive, especially when you consider that it can be done for a lot cheaper in Turkey.

As one of the leaders in hair transplants, Turkey actually offers very affordable rates, because there are plenty of experts who are prepared to offer the treatment. The supply is quite high, And there is a pretty consistent demand, so the prices work out quite well.

Good Quality Services


If you visit Turkey for a hair transplant, then one of the first things that you’ll know is that they use a different technique to other parts of the world. Two such methods are FUE and DHI.

The other method, which is follicular unit transplantation, isn’t as good, and the FUE technique has minimal pain, it doesn’t leave scars, and has a faster healing process.

The popular hair transplant strategy frequently used, however, is the direct hair implantation method. DHI is one of the most widely practiced methods for hair transplant because it doesn’t require shaving and gives you full results with a minimal amount of downtime.

Go For Transplants, Stay For a Holiday


When you go to Turkey for a hair transplant, most people wind up staying for a week or two on holiday. When you finish your transplant surgery, you’ll actually discover that Turkey is a very nice place, and offers a lot of great tourist attractions. The culture is very friendly, the climate is quite agreeable, and it’s a very beautiful part of the world.

All things considered, Turkey is a good place to recover from a hair transplant surgery, because you’ve got the time to kick back and relax, whilst making sure that your transplant is a success. It also means that the surgeons are on hand in case there is a slight issue or something needs to be looked at again.

Final Thoughts


So, it’s not difficult to see why people go to Turkey for a hair transplant. If you’re going to get your hair sorted out, it’s worth going to where the best professionals in the world are, and Turkey is definitely a leader in hair transplant techniques. Go for a few weeks, have the procedure done, enjoy your holiday, and come back feeling like a brand-new person.


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