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Does Your Diet Affect Hair Loss?

Vegetables and Hair Loss

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that your diet can impact the amount of hair you lose, especially when battling a hair loss condition. The food that we put into our bodies can have a substantial impact on the way that we live, which is why it’s important to consume the right food and also to be aware that missing out on certain vitamins and nutrients can cause hair loss. After all, even people who don’t have a genetic predisposition to hair loss can experience premature balding when they aren’t eating right.

How Your Diet Affects Hair Loss


Let’s be realistic about things. The average diet is not a healthy one. We live in a world where processed, unhealthy food tastes good and is relatively cheap, and eating properly can be expensive, so a lot of people don’t bother. They reach for burgers and pizzas instead of considering their nutritional needs, and while you can do this some of the time without serious health problems, things like hair loss can get worse.

It all comes down to a lack of proper nutrients. The body needs certain vitamins and nutrients in order to function properly, and when you don’t have them, nothing works in the way it should. It’s very normal for people to experience a range of health problems when battling nutritional deficiencies, including hair loss.

What Can You Do?


Obviously, there are certain things you can do to prevent hair loss from taking place because of a bad diet. It’s important to make dietary changes as these are the easiest things to remedy the situation.

We recommend that you do things like consume a balanced diet consisting of healthy, unprocessed food that’s good for the body. You need to try and get as many vitamins and minerals in your diet as you can, as relying on supplements to fill the gaps isn’t always effective.


A good diet can help a lot with hair loss and generally feeling better in yourself. It’s important to make sustainable changes too otherwise the benefits you do see will be temporary at best. Obviously if you have a genetic condition which causes hair loss it’s not something you can fix with a change in diet but you’d be surprised how much you can slow down and prevent – a lot of these conditions are made worse by poor lifestyle choices.

Final Thoughts


So, a diet can have an impact on hair loss but it’s not the be all and end all, especially if you have a genetic condition that causes hair loss. However, if you’re starting to show signs of hair loss because you’re lacking in vitamins and nutrients then it’s worth exploring your options and seeing what’s what. In some cases there will be nothing left to do but get a hair transplant which is something we can help with but we always recommend dietary changes for people anyway because they can extend your lifespan and help you feel better in addition to slowing down hair loss.


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