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Are There Natural Ways to Help Hair Loss?

Green Tea and Hair Loss

Are There Natural Ways to Help Hair Loss?


Hair loss is a condition caused by many different factors, such as genetic issues and external problems like stress. While we usually recommend a hair transplant in Turkey as the best way to fix the problem, there are natural ways that you can slow down and reverse a little of the damage caused by hair loss. While you can’t stop it completely, these measures should help a lot with tackling some of the problems.


  1. Onion Juice


The first idea that we’re going to take a look at for hair loss cures is a bit of a strange one, but onion juice can help a little bit with hair loss. There is sulfur in onion juice, and this can help with hair growth. Now, obviously, you can’t completely reverse hair loss if the condition is genetic or in the final stages, but you can slow it down a little, which can be all you need to get a little relief.


  1. Iron


There’s a lot of evidence that iron can help with hair loss problems. It is a nutrient that we need to make blood in the body, and when you have low levels, you can experience hair loss. Luckily, you can get more iron in your diet by eating food like fish, meat and poultry. There are also vegetables that have iron in them. Be careful about taking supplements though – too many can be dangerous.


  1. Zinc


Zinc is a wonderful vitamin that can help with a lot of processes in the body, but most people don’t get enough through their diet. Specifically for hair loss, zinc helps a lot with strengthening the hair follicles underneath your scalp, which improve the quality of your hair. The problem is that the body doesn’t have a way to store zinc to use it later, so you’ll need to look into getting some through your diet.


  1. Green Tea


This last one might be surprising, but green tea has been shown to be able to help with hair loss along with a lot of other problems. An extract made from compounds found in green tea can be used for a lot of different health problems, and it can aid with hair loss too. It’s largely down to the presence of a specific compound called EGCG that helps out with your hair. You’ll need to try it for 4-6 weeks to see results, though.

Final Thoughts


So, there are lots of natural remedies that can help with hair loss. We understand that it’s no real substitute for a hair transplant, but if you need to wait to get the money together or do you want to take proactive steps before your transplant, then you can definitely try some of these remedies. The only thing we caution about is to be careful when taking supplements because they contain incredibly large amounts of your daily vitamin or mineral intake compressed into a tiny pill, so speak to a doctor if you have any concerns.


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