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5 Celebrities Who Have Had Hair Transplants

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5 Celebrities Who Have Had Hair Transplants


Hair transplants are a very common medical practice these days, and celebrities are no exception to this. There are many celebrities who are just ordinary people, and they have experienced hair loss at one point or another. This means they’ve chosen to have a hair transplant in an attempt to recover some of their hair and feel better about themselves.

So, which celebrities have had a hair transplant? We’ve taken a look at five of them.

Wayne Rooney

Arguably, one of the most iconic footballers in the UK, Wayne Rooney has suffered from well-documented hair loss for years. It’s no surprise that he decided to consider a hair transplant, and the finished product was quite neat. While obviously Rooney is obligated to keep his hair relatively short for performing at his best during games, he still has a very attractive buzz cut. That is made possible by a good hair transplant.


John Travolta

John Travolta, made famous for his role in the musical Grease, suffered for many years, with hair loss. It got to a point where he was practically bald on the top of his head, which is when he decided to have a hair transplant. The operation was a great success, and the resulting look for John was incredibly appealing. He transformed his head from being pretty much bald to having a full head of hair again, and it’s safe to say that it gave the actor a lot of confidence and a brand-new lease on life.



Elton John

Elton John is a famous musician who needs no real introduction. However, he grappled with her loss quite a lot back in the 70s, and as a result, had a hair transplant. Many people cite Elton John as being the pioneer for the celebrity hair transplant movement, encouraging many others to tackle the problem of hair loss once and for all.

However, his transplant, despite being a little older now, is still very successful. The musician boasts a full head of hair well into his 70s.


Boy George

It’s safe to say that Boy George is one of the more famous and publicly outspoken musicians of his generation. Made famous by hits like Karma Chameleon, Boy George has had a hair transplant. While he’s been deliberately coy about the details behind his transplant, making a joke that he had it done in a quote “hair transplant shop”, it’s safe to say that it worked, as he has a full head of luscious hair.


Stephanie Davis

Hair transplants are not solely reserved for men. There are plenty of women who have had successful hair transplants, and Stephanie Davis of EastEnders is one of them. The actress has had a well-known battle with her loss for quite some time, and her hair transplant was a roaring success, giving her long, thick, full hair.


Final Thoughts


There are plenty of famous celebrities who have had a hair transplant, so it’s safe to say that the procedure is quite popular. However, don’t be fooled – hair transplants are actually quite affordable. It’s not just celebrities who have them, ordinary people choose to deal with their hair loss problem on a regular basis.


Image Credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/

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