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Manuel Fue Hair Transplant

Best Hair Transplant in Turkey

Looking For An Easy And Non-Intrusive Way To Renew And Refresh Your Hairline? Do You Want To Look Younger And More Confident Than Ever? Enter The World Of Manual FUE Hair Transplant In Turkey - A Procedure Which Involves The Use Of A Specialised Surgical Instrument (Manual Punch), Which Your Surgeon Will Use To Extract Each Follicular Unit Manually. ​

What is Manuel Fue Hair Transplant?

​If you’ve never heard of a FUE hair transplant in Turkey or if you search online for “FUE hair transplant reviews Turkey”, you’ll come to know that a manual FUE transplant is one of the oldest ‘harvesting methods’ used in modern hair transplant procedures where the grafts are removed one by one. Since Turkey has now become the best country for hair transplants, it sees candidates from all over the world, particularly the UK. Among all the current methods known, a manual FUE hair graft or transplant offers some of the highest hair transplant success rates for both men and women.

Manual follicular unit extraction (FUE) or "Manual FUE hair transplants in Turkey" is a process where individual hair follicles are taken from one area of the scalp (usually the back) and transplanted to the desired region to stimulate new growth, and help patients overcome baldness or receding hairlines.

In a manual FUE transplant procedure, the hair transplant surgeon controls the entire process from start to finish, making a careful, gentle and non-intrusive plan for each graft. As there are no automated or robotic tools involved, the follicular units are extracted one at a time by hand, resulting in the least damage. The skin around the hair is cut and the grafts are obtained by rotating the punching tool by hand, requiring unmatched precision by a very experienced surgeon.

What are the steps involved in a FUE hair transplant in Turkey?

If you're travelling to Turkey for surgery and looking forward to the best Turkey hair transplant experience, then it's important to know how a FUE hair transplant procedure works:

Step 1
Hairline Design
Your hair transplant surgeon will apply a mild-moderate anaesthetic to the donor area before proceeding with the extraction process.
Step 2

Once the area is reasonably numb, they will expertly extract the best-quality grafts from the back of your scalp in a non-intrusive way, using a manual punching tool.

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Step 3
Mid Procedure

Your surgeon will then make use of a specialised sapphire blade to make small incisions in the recipient area, to accommodate the freshly transplanted follicles.

pen cropped
Step 4

The final step is to implant the preserved grafts into the various micro-channels by using a regular pair of medical forceps.

All in all, a FUE hair transplant in Turkey can be completed in about 6-8 hours, although this largely depends on the number of grafts to be transplanted.

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Who is a suitable candidate for a FUE hair transplant, Turkey?

Individuals who have a reasonable amount of hair or large number of grafts at the back and/or sides of the head, are generally good candidates for manual FUE hair transplants.

Candidates are also required to be free of any severe illnesses which may affect hair health, such as hormonal alopecia. Other than that, patients who are generally healthy with good immune systems and do not suffer from any serious health conditions, such as cancer or heart disease, are also good candidates.

However, other factors may determine candidacy as well, such as the number of grafts needed to get the desired result, hair colour and texture, skin complexion, and how likely you are or genetically predisposed to shed hair in future.

With WaveMedica Hair Transplants regarded as "hair transplant Turkey best clinic" by everyone who has had the pleasure of getting a hair transplant done here - you can be rest assured that our consultant will carefully assess your aesthetic goals, health history and other related factors - to ensure that you get the absolute best results.

What are the recovery & after-care steps?

The lasting effects of your manual FUE hair transplant in Turkey can greatly depend on the level of aftercare you practice. This means:

What are the benefits of this procedure?

Less trauma and less scarring due to the manual punching technique.
Donor extraction site can also be facial hair, as well as chest, arm and leg hair.
Allows the surgeon to perform manual surgery as opposed to a robotic technique which may not be ideal for every candidate.
Women are much better candidates for manual FUE hair transplant compared to men.
Manuel Fue Hair Transplant

FAQs about FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

Is a manual FUE hair transplant painful?
No - you will feel virtually no pain after a manual FUE hair transplant or even during the treatment as your surgeon will administer local anaesthesia.
How much is a hair transplant in Turkey?
While we can't give you an exact figure or range due to so many factors involved, the average cost of hair transplant in Turkey is significantly lower than, say, in the UK or EU.
How to choose the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

That’s easy – just get in touch with our friendly consultant and we’ll take care of the rest!

It is easy to find a clinic that uses the micro FUE technique?

Surgeons who are experienced in using the manual FUE method in Turkey is quite limited, as it is a technique which requires specialised knowledge and many years of experience. Our surgeons are highly qualified and experienced in the micro FUE technique, so you’re in good hands! 

Is there any guarantee that I will grow back hair in a healthy way?

As long as you’re an ideal candidate for a manual FUE hair transplant in Turkey, we guarantee optimal and long-term results. You can check out some ‘hair transplant Turkey before and after’ shots here to see the wonderful results our UK clients have gotten.

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